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The Academy of Kim Robards Dance

Moving possibilities to performance

"The Academy of KRD is a wonderful balance of a challenging and nurturing environment, and incredible teaching expertise." 

Ginny Threefoot, Academy of KRD adult student and parent

The Academy of KRD Upcoming Session

Winter 2024

Session I: January 6 to February 17

Session II: March 2 to April 6

For information about classes and registration please email:

The Academy of Kim Robards Dance is an educational program of Kim Robards Dance, a professional dance touring company based in Colorado.

We offer solid technical training with equal emphasis on modern and ballet techniques as the basis for developing well-rounded dancers. The Academy of KRD offers a variety of programs for all ages, with well-crafted curriculums designed to guide dancers through their training needs.

The Faculty is comprised of professional dancers and respected teachers who are noted for their balance of professionalism and personable natures. This provides consistent and professional training in a challenging yet nurturing environment.

Classes are offered in a variety of dance disciplines as well as an array of fitness classes.

The Academy is housed in The KRD Venue in the Aurora Cultural Arts District, with three large, quality studios including a performance venue where students have multiple opportunities throughout the year to perform. Additionally, we have a satellite location at the Evans Station Lofts in Denver. 

For more information, please email us at

The Academy of KRD where: 
  • students are nurtured

  • dancers are trained

  • performers are created

  • artists are inspired

Children's Program

  • Introduce young dancers to dance fundamentals
  • Teach dance vocabulary
  • Explore creative movement possibilities
  • Provide a positive learning environment
  • Teach social skills

Youth Program

  • Build upon the fundamentals of dance technique
  • Expand movement vocabulary of an emerging young dancer
  • Develop physical strength, stamina, and discipline as well as encourage creativity and joy of movement

Teen Program

  • Improve dancers' technical skills
  • Provide high quality dance training in a positive and supportive environment
  • Encourage young dancers to explore their potential in various dance forms
  • Develop performance skills

Pre-Professional Program

  • Develop technical proficiency of advanced young dancers
  • Provide high quality dance training in a challenging yet supportive environment
  • Cultivate strength, skills, and artistry
  • Provide performance opportunities

Trainee Program

  • Provide a bridge for the aspiring professional dancer into the professional career field
  • Develop, improve, and refine technical and performance skills on a professional level
  • Provide unique opportunities to train and rehearse with a professional company

Adult Program

  • Provide a refreshing dance experience for adults of all ages and ability levels
  • Develop solid technical skills
  • Explore artistic expression as well as achievement of fitness goals
  • Create an environment comfortable to adult dancers of all levels
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