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KRD Season Patrons

Special Thanks for your support!

Patron - Above $10,000

Mary Windon Wyer

LaFawn Biddle

Triple B

David Lazaroff

Sponsor - Up to $2,500

Geri Skalicky

Wy Livingston

Mary Vanier

Norman Bouchard

Mary Lou Faddick

Supporter - Up to $250

Julia and Thomas Garrison

Elizabeth Grace

Ann and Rhodes Craver

Judy Graese

Darlene Handler

Diane Saslow

Marla Gentry

Mary Gallagher

Janet Lurie

Barbara Lettes

Jessica Bondy

Barbara Morissette

Tim Hershey

Jennifer McGraw

Carolyn and Young Cho

Gino Proctor

Marlene Siegel

Ann and Frank Pilkington

Lissy Garrison

Carol Mills

Jamie Redmond

Grace Elkins

Ann Piano

Sue and Pat Tierney

Phoebe Smedley

Ivan Burleigh

Rosemary Cleary-Hague

William S. Robinson

Lillian Kelley

Ann L. King

Eugene Coogan

Darleen Callaghan

Josh Been

Joanne Keen

Ginny Threefoot

Janet Bazurto

Mary Kennedy-Testa

Patricia Schmitz

Barry and Pam Gatz

Judith Reese

Augustana Arts

Evie Winkler

Joedy Arnold

Christina Turissini

Elizabeth Conover

Karen Mather

Thomas Gougeon

Gail Kassan

Corrie Beauvineau

James and Joyce Wilson

Machiko Mangham

Julie McCarthy

Gloria S. Kubel

Lecia Papadopoulus

Matt Bazurto

Anonymous (3)

Ann Kingery

Donna Smith

Margaret and Larry Ballonoff

Neal and Maryann Conner Dunning

Constance and Theodore Ning Jr, MD

Braxton and Dinah Barrett, Jr.

Dave and Johnette Orr

Margie and Jim Wyle

Friends - Up to $25

Betty Reiss

Mike Roque

Florie Fisch

Ethel Diehl

Andrew Johnson

Michelle Guthrie

Helen Keegan

Robert and Ann Nemeth

Sara Rhode

Julie Garrison

Amanda and Dave LaGuardia

Georgiana Landry

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